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The SHINUI Institute was founded in 1985 by Dr. Noga (Rubinstein) Nabarro together with Dr. Haviva Ayal and Dr. Sara Ivanir. The name SHINUI, meaning change in Hebrew was chosen to connote our orientation towards transformation and evolution. The SHINUI Institute was born out of a commitment to enhance and develop innovative models and techniques of systems therapy, while providing quality family therapy services and training throughout Israel and abroad. Our highly trained clinical, teaching and consulting staff, together with our international guest faculty, contribute to our mission rendering it a challenging and exciting experience.

SHINUI is a leading private systems and family therapy training clinical and consulting institute in Israel.. SHINUI maintains extensive connections and collaborative services with governmental and other public agencies, universities, medical services, and the courts systems.. Over 4000 professionals have participated in the various training programs and workshops. Many Alumni have achieved senior status as therapists and teachers in Israel.

International Activities

SHINUI organizes international workshops and conferences. Our senior staff and faculty publish in the Hebrew and English professional literature and frequently present papers and workshops at local and international conferences. Guest lecturers, visitors and trainees from different countries and cultures and theoretical orientations are warmly welcomed.

International Affiliations include IFTA, EFTA, The International Consortium of Training Institutes and the Forum for Family Therapy Training Institutes (European by EFTA), the Academy for Family Therapy in Rome, directed by Prof. M. Andolfi and The Ackerman Institute for the Family. SHINUI has sponsored The Advanced International Program for Systemic Therapy and Supervision – a unique program with an all international faculty.

Clinical and Training Services

The Clinical & Consulting Center offers comprehensive systemic psychological services and consultations are provided for families, couples, groups and individuals of all ages, as well as community, mental health services, courts and government agencies. Expert psychological opinions are offered in divorce and child welfare cases as well as in international abduction and moveaway cases.

Therapy is offered in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and Russian.

The Study & Training Center offers in-depth training in four major tracks: Integrative Family Therapy, Advanced Couples Therapy, Strategic-Experiential approach and the Constructive Therapies: and Special training programs are developing for minority groups: Arab, Ethiopian, New Immigrants and foreign workers. Short courses, seminars, workshops, in-service training and supervision are given throughout the country and abroad.


Noga (Rubinstein) Nabarro, Ph.D.

President, CEO and Co-Founder

Ph.D. (1977) Clinical Psych. CSPP, Berkeley, USA; M.S. Cal. State U.San Jose; B.A., U. of Wisconsin, Madison; Pre & Post Ph.D., at MRI, Palo Alto, and Stanford University. Major trainers in Family Therapy: C. Whitaker, S. Salvador. Minuchin, P. Watzlawick, C. Sluzky and M. Andolfi.

Senior Psychologist & Senior Trainer and Supervisor of Family Therapy.

Founder and director of the Advanced International Training Program for Systems Therapy and Supervision, Israel. & the Advanced Program of Strategic-Experiential and Change-Focused school of family therapy.

Past Board member IFTA, Editorial Advisory Board member of Contemporary Family Therapy and of Journal of Family Psychotherapy

National and International presenter of seminars workshops and courses. in Europe, the US and Canada,

Daniel S. Gottlieb, Psy.D.

Director of Clinical Services

Psy.D School/Child Psychology (1984) Yeshiva University, N.Y.

Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy – Certificate in Family Therapy, (1986). Clinical Psychologist, Editorial Board: Medicine and Law.

National and international presenter and writer on issues relating to Family Forensic Psychology. Author of: Listen to me!!! Your Child and Your Divorce.


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